Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS ME SEID - Blog 2

Upon searching the internet, you will find many, many stories about Chronic Fatigue.  All of them starting with the same main theme of fatigue (exhaustion) and being worn out.

There are many things that can cause one to feel tired, the list is too long to go through here. But when you go see your general practitioner/ family doctor, they may be as dismayed as you. They will go through a battery of tests, including blood & urine tests to find the cause.  When they have exhausted their regular methods of helping people with fatigue, they do what they know, and that is to refer out to other specialists.

This process is long and exhausting in itself. Not having energy or proper brain functioning makes this even harder to tackle alone.  Not receiving any answers or a diagnoses perhaps is the hardest and most depressing thing.

Have you ever had a mole, a lump, or a reaction that the doctor wanted to investigate further? Most people will begin thinking the worse, and the time delays add to the stress of the struggle.

Finally a group of scientist came up with a list of common symptoms in 2015. This has helped distinguish CFS from other diseases.


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