Making Spirits Brighter 2017

Making Spirits Brighter is an initiative to encourage people to BRIGHTEN someone's SPIRITS this Christmas season.

Beginning December 13, 2017 through Christmas, you can brighten someone's spirit, by making a connection with a friend, neighbor or even a stranger whom you know is sad or struggling.

There is nothing to register for, there is no fee pay. It is about CONNECTING to someone you know or know of that may be going through some challenge this year, or this time of year.

1. Decide who you would like to BLESS with a bit of Christmas Spirit.

2. Purchase, borrow or ask to use their Christmas lights or display. It doesn't have to be elaborate. A candle in a window, a lighted wreath or a string of lights will do.
It's about the kindness and connecting that comes from your heart, that will let them know they are not forgotten.

Have Faith Studios is encouraging everybody to participate. If you care to share your story (keeping the receiver's information annonymous) please email them to or share them on our Facebook page.
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Making Spirits Brighter 2015

A family friend of the Ott family, was bedridden and suffering with a brain tumor and cancer.  We all showed up (after she OK'd it), to sing CHRISTmas carols and light up the yard a little. It was heartwarming for everyone.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED






Making Spirits Brighter 2014

Dropping by on Christmas day to a friend who had recently lost her mother and was also struggling with custody of a grandchild from out of state. They stated they "just didn't have time to get their decorations up". Loved getting these photos Christmas night with a heartfelt thank you, and how her grandchild loved mini mouse. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED2014






Making Spirits Brighter 2016   

Delivering a lighted snowflake to their neighbor (pictured the snowflake) who has been caring for a mother who recently had a stroke. Joni & Amanda Thank You! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED